About Moray Koi

We buy and sell imported Japanese Koi, almost 30 years experience in keeping Koi.  We keep Koi from 7 inch to 30 inch of various breeds.

Moray Koi are now following the Dealers Protocol by  Dr Paula Reynolds of Lincolnshire Fish Health Laboratories .

This lays down the Koi husbandry methods and practises that maintain Koi in peak condition in an optimum environment and ensures that Koi keepers can be  confident in purchasing  quarantined  healthy Koi .

In October 2016 we visited many of the breeders in Japan – take a look at our Japan – October 2016 page where you can see pictures of us assisting with some of the harvesting and also see some of the breeders we visited and the quality of some of the Koi that are available.
We also buy and sell pre-owned equipment – check out our Equipment for Sale page for current items we have available or contact us if you have something you would like us to consider purchasing / exchanging.
We are licensed by Moray Council and approved by DEFRA for transporting.
We are stockists for the following:

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