Evolve Filters

We are now stockists for the Evolve Filter, designed and created by Bespoke Pond Solutions

Evolve 2000 has one biological bay i.e. space for either a Jap mat cartridge or a one bay stainless K1 basket.



Evolve 4000 has two biological bays i.e. space for two matting cartridges or a two bay basket OR a matting cartridge AND a K1 basket.


Evolve 6000 has three biological bays i.e. space for three matting cartridges or a three bay basket OR any combination of both.


Evolve 12000



Options And Uses

Evolve filter body (this consists of the main filter body itself and the aeration)

Biological chamber lid (if you are installing a drum in your filter this is the lid option to choose)

Full lid (if you are buying the filter with a brush box this is the lid to choose)

Brush box (this provides the mechanical filtration if not installing a drum)

Biological cartridge (genuine Japanese matting cartridge if not using moving bed K1)

Stainless steel baskets (used to house the moving bed K1)

Waste and drum fittings kit (all the valves and rubber boots used to fit the drum and filter)

Draco drum (drop in Draco drum)


A Typical Filter Purchase Would Include:

Evolve filter body

Draco drum

Biological chamber lid

Waste and drum fittings kit

Stainless steel basket